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In Serra da Estrela Natural Park, there is the highest mountain of our country, where the rivers Mondego, Zêzere e Alva spring. A place to visit during all year, it offers a great variety of activities like foot and horse rides, cultural itinerary, hunting, fishing, among others. In winter, although it is not one of the most known places to ski, it is where the Portuguese spent a few days of fun in the snow because half of the total area is over 700mt of altitude. In November, the visitors have several facilities, particularly a ski resort and the possibility to rent equipment (600 skis, 1600 boots and 250 snowboards). Near Manteigas village there is Ski Park with two artificial snow ski tracks, integrated in a farm that has a park, a fluvial beach and a radical sports centre.
Serra da Estrela is the only place from the national territory where snow sports can be practised. However, the snow is far from being the only attractive point from this area. The vast granite massive where two great Portuguese rivers spring – Mondego and Zêzere – has one of the most beautiful Portugal sightseeing’s. The Capela de Santiago, Linhares da Beira with its medieval castle and its sunny houses, the road that goes from Manteigas to south, side by side with Zêzere, and that allows to go from the glacier valley in the shape of an open ‘U’ to Covão da Ametade, and the water from Poço do Inferno, a profound valley surrounded by forest. also interestng is the Fauna and the Flora.
But this itinerary isn’t just about the mountain and the snow, so you can still see the waterfall from Poço do Inferno, and the curious rocks form Cabeça de Velha and Pedra do Urso. And, whatever your itinerary is, don’t lose the chance of tasting the unique Queijo da Serra (Cheese from the Serra).




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