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This entire project appears from the strategy of developing several local information portals, similar to the first portal that also originated the name of the company.
Nowadays we are developing, and
With a strategy to bring together art and online art, with the creation of artistics maps of the área and its posting in the Internet within local information Portals, that help to show the History and Beauty of the several areas, through photos and videos, we intend to add something more in the Internet and local information panorama.
Allying the innovation with the information is what we are presently developing to the Serra da Estrela area.
Due to all of Serra da Estrela proper characteristics it deserves that projects like this one should be created; projects that ally technology with nature, so that, by informing, it can be promoted.
Serra da Estrela is located in the interior of Portugal’s centre and it is also the highest point of Continental Portugal (over 2000mts). When you visit Serra da Estrela, you will be able to enjoy nature in its most ‘natural’ way, however, in all its magnificence.
With cold weather the snow appears in its maximum exponential, that allows a total utilization of the infrastructures, and even when the snow disappears, there are always castles, historical villages, pedestrian courses, wool, cheese, in short, in Serra da Estrela there are many wonders of the World, and you will be able to find them in a journey throughout our website.
INSERRADAESTRELA.COM is a project that allows interaction between technology, Internet and written contents, combined with art.
With all this a better way of historical-tourist information can be promoted, shorting the distances between the several regions of Portugal and even helping to develop relations with other European countries by diminishing the physical distance through mobile connections and Internet.
When visiting, the cybernaut as access to a large quantity of information just with a simple click. This information is more accurate and it has an attractive and easy reading layout.
It allows the visitor to make a small visit to the place he wants to visit without leaving the current location, giving a previous tour of what he is going to find.


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