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In the middle of Natural Park of Serra da Estrela locates the most elevated mountain of our country, where they are born the rivers Mondego, Zêzere and Alva. A pleasant place to visit during the whole year, offers a great variety of activities as walks on foot and to horse, cultural routes, hunting, fishing, among others. In the Winter, and in spite of not being one of the places more consecrated to the ski practice, it is a good bet for the Portuguese that intend some days of amusement in the snow, since the largest part of the area takes place above the 700 altitude meters. After November, the visitors have several facilities, specifically a ski school and the possibility to rent equipment (600 skis, 1600 boots and 250 snowboards). Near the village of Manteigas exists the Ski Park with two tracks of artificial snow, integrated on one farm that includes a park, a fluvial beach and a centre of radical sports?     

Serra da Estrela  is the only place in the national territory where one can practice snow sports. Of rest, the snow is far away from being the only thing that attracts people to this zone. The vast rocky soil where are born two great Portuguese rivers, Mondego and Zêzere, lodges the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal.  

Thus, Santiago's Chapel, the magic place of Chapel of Our Lady of Asse Dasse, Linhares da Beira with its medieval castle and its sunny houses, the large road that  leaves Manteigas for south, along the course of Zêzere, and that allows to travel through all the glacier valley in an open U until Covão da Ametade and the water fall of  Poço do Inferno, deep valley surrounded by forest.   

But this route is not just limited to the mountain and the snow; one can still admire the water fall of  Poço do Inferno and the curious gravels of Cabeça de Velha and Pedra do Urso. And, no matter what the itinerary, don't lose the opportunity to delight with the inimitable cheese of  Serra da Estrela. 


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